Are you looking for an Indian Mistress - exotic and strict? Do you  desire to be controlled by a British Indian Woman. Well done... because you have found Goddess Cruella Keye. I am an elite Goddess, who takes pride in satisfying your kinky desires. I pride myself in being an enticingly young and cruel Goddess.

I have been blessed with the gift of being a natural dominant, so much so that I enslaved my husband from the outset. He is my long term chastity slave, in permanent orgasm denial. After this I realised that I craved the need to make all men submit before me. So like my husband before you know it, you'll feel the desperate desire to submit to me... and be at your rightful place... grovelling at my feet. 

​I thrive on the exchange of power in my sessions, and I love witnessing my slaves beg and surrender. I am here to explore fetishes with my slaves, so you do not need to fear me laughing at you when you tell me your fetish. I am non-judgemental. My aim is to make sure that we both get what we truly desire. 

I am a dominatrix who truly enjoys seeing slaves humiliated. You will feel my passion when you let me control you. I am not a dominatrix who goes along with any BDSM activities for the sake of it. I have listed all the activities I like on this site, to share my passions. 



I am also one of the very few dominatrices who takes part in racial domination/ role play. I enjoy being a powerful Indian woman, and I want to use this power over you.


Submitting to a dominatrix, is a very intimate action, and an action that can diminish the tensions of a man.  The act of submission is a natural remedy, many of my slaves claim they feel relaxed after a session with me.  

Some men may relinquish the extreme sensation of pain gifted by the dominatrix. Others may desire to be verbally abused and prefer to listen and follow the godly commands of a dominatrix.

Good dominatrices should ensure that slaves are able to fully discuss what they want the session to consist of. I also require all slaves to let me know how the session went. This is not a chance to criticise but is a chance to see what was enjoyed and would we can do even better next time.