CBT is cock and ball torture.This is another of my many favourites. I am sure that you will see my biggest smile and hear a genuine laugh when you having your so called "precious jewels" tormented. 

I love to combine CBT with bondage and humiliation, after all your a pathetic excuse for a man and need to be under my strict control. If your not in chastity then you will definitely beg to be in it, with me as your key-holder especially when your cock and balls are being relentlessly punished. 

There are many ways to practice CBT, commonly I enjoy practicing ballbusting, torture devices and ball stretching. 

One of my favourites is trampling, you will find yourself laying on your back on the floor where you belong, your balls tied off from your pathetic cock, and my sexy shoes, crushing your pathetic balls under them, if you especially love pain as much as I do, you will find my heel serves as a great stabbing pain digging into your marbles. 

Torture devices and ball stretching are something you will learn to love, as much as I do. Wether its hanging weights like my shoes or iron from your balls, or crushing them with a CBT Plexi Glass Ball Crusher, you will inevitably cry for more...