You may want to be secured ideally indefinitely in a chastity cage, or maybe just for the session but do you really have the drive to please me? Can you give up the ultimate level of freedom?  If you wear a chastity cage you will experience infinite  tease and denial.  It will mean that you will obey me to the best of your ability, your Goddess will be the most important thing in your life. 

I expect slaves to choose their own chastity cage, before the session to ensure that the cage is an appropriate fit. It's important that the cage is not too big or too tight (unless you want to experience extra pain). This will mean that the session activities can run smoothly, as you swell in your pathetic keep. 

I also offer the chance to key hold for your chastity device. Just give me a key and I will keep it hanging on my necklace or an anklet. It reminds me that you are caged and have relinquished any chance of power that you felt you had.  


I know that some of you out there will definitely have a gnawing hunger to be locked in the cage for long periods of time, for which you will be rewarded with humiliation, tease and long term denial. 

So have a think... after all you will only truly be able to please me by letting me have the optimum level of control over you. The best thing about a chastity cage is that it is hidden under clothes. You are able to secretly submit, but constantly be reminded that you are my property, only I could let you free, if you really deserved it.