Corporal Punishment


If you need an endorphin rush then what better way to get it than by participating in corporal punishment? Corporal punishment is a good way to de-stress and forget about any worries.

Picture me walking towards you with a whip or cane in my hand... you know what will happen next. How will you feel when I rain down my blows of implements on you? 

I offer caning, spanking, slapping, and whipping and I have a variety of tools I can use to make you suffer. Don’t forget it is this suffering that will bring you ultimate pleasure. So make sure that you submit to me properly. I will expect you to eagerly await the beatings I will indict upon you, and beg for more, whether I cane you and expect you to be silent as I scold you for your inadequate behaviour.  


You can be caned anywhere you like on your body - from your back to your bottom. This can be combined with bondage, to make you feel completely helpless and reliant on me. 

Do not forget that corporal punishment does not have to be severe and extreme - unless you want it to be.  It can also be a mild experience, but can still be erotic and pleasurable.