Etiquette rules: 

I will not be called anything other than Goddess. 

I will only accept one slave per booking. 

I do not accept swearing or abusive language.  Politeness is required at all times. 

This is a non-sexual service anyone asking for sexual acts will be asked to leave and the tribute will not be returned. 

You will not attend any session intoxicated, or  bring any alcohol or drugs, if you do so, the session will be cancelled. 

When visiting me, slaves should ensure that  they are clean from head to toe otherwise your session will be cancelled. 

I will be fully clothed in sessions. There will be no nudity. The only exempt session is voyeurism. 

There will be no filming or photographs in sessions.

You will not tell me in session how you want it to run (I plan my sessions to run in the order I feel necessary)​