Have you ever heard of the terms Paypig? Human ATM or human wallets?


If you have you will know that these all relate to financial domination. This is when a submissive gets a thrill out of giving money to a dominant. 


You may want me to ignore you after you give me money. I am sure that you will feel extra humiliated and thankful after that. Some slaves would rather be laughed at, and tyrannised for having to pay me to receive any attention, others may wish to have fines imposed within a session, for example flinching in a spanking could be a fiver in the Naughty Jar. 

Providing me with finance is a brilliant way to serve me. With your finance I am able to pamper myself, I am able to get manicures and pedicures, and able to purchase captivating outfits to tempt you further. 

I will only accept cash or bank transfers, don't think that you will get away with just purchasing gifts for me, that would be expected regardless.