Being humiliated does not always have to be done behind closed doors. I like the thrill of demeaning and humbling my slaves in public. I want people to see how my slaves are often pathetic creatures who need to be ridiculed. 

You may be thinking how you can do this in public. Let me give you some ideas. 

● Acting as a footrest in the park, while I sit on a bench. 

●​ Wearing items of female clothing in public.

●​ Taking me shoe shopping and physically trying shoes on my feet and then buying them for me

●​ Wearing a butt plug throughout your day with me

●​ Wearing a chastity cage that I hold the keys to for a day or more

●​ Carrying heavy bags of shopping for me, while I walk in my heels 

This would generally require a public session of a minimum of 2hours up to a maximum of 4hours