Being such a talented and versatile Goddess means that I am able to act, and be anything, as long as I am in charge. I love to pretend to be someone else, whether it's a teacher, boss, stepmother, aunt, or nurse - these are the most popular. 


I must say that being a strict teacher is my most favourite role to take (other than a leather clad dominatrix). I love to enact a strict teacher detention...

Imagine yourself knocking on the door of my office, feeling nervous to enter. You come in and immediately feel intimidated by my cold hard stare. You move your eyes away from me, but can't stop yourself from quickly staring at my suggestive workwear. I tell you off for misbehaving and repeatedly talking in class. To be forgiven you will have to strip off your clothes and endure ten bottom canings with no whimpers allowed. It is important to practice keeping you quiet, so you learn for next time. 


There are many characters that I have acted as. These include: ex partner, make-up artist and policewomen. 

I use props and outfits to help make the scenarios as real as possible. We are able to discuss exactly what to role-play before we begin, and that will mean that I know enough detail to make the experience unique for you. 

Whether we talk a lot whilst role playing is up to you. Some role plays consist of more speaking, some do not. There is no right or wrong way of doing things.