Slave Steve

I had a mind-blowing session with Goddess Cruella, I was hesitant on meeting as she looked quite young. She is very polite and kind to talk to and gave me sufficient time to discuss my limits and agree a safe word. I was told but once to strip naked once entering the dungeon and having a short discussion, I was initially broken in with a bottom caning for not filling out the email requirements correctly, this was utterly humiliating for me, as I kept shrieking and squealing, and was made to beg for more, and thank her for each stroke. I did not want to be marked and although my bottom was stinging she ensured there were no marks whatsoever. I was then untied and told I was to crawl over to the other side of the dungeon where she would be waiting for me, so she could test my boot licking skills, I must say with a stinging bottom, the crawl made me feel degraded. Post boot licking I was tied on my tiptoes in the CBT pillory, this for me was a very physically demanding part of the session, but I was desperate to show my commitment, and I must say the CBT and tease was relentless, she is such a mouth watering Goddess, I was truly tested mentally and physically. I loved every minute of the session and will be coming back for a much longer session very soon, hoping I can prove my worth.


Went to a session in a hotel with Goddess Keye, hotel was in a discreet location, and was a good, comfortable choice. Was taken back with the preparation for the session as it was more than I had ever imagined, Goddess had brought with her all the items of play and punishment, for a bondage and bastinado session. Goddess’ photos look just like her, she is stunning and was dressed in sexy boots and a leather skirt, the perfect combination for me. I was tied on my stomach in a spread-eagle position with a spreader bar, and my arms behind my back, I was also blind folded, for my bastinado session, this for me was daunting as I could not work out when the cane would strike my soles, every time she did I tried not to yelp as I didn’t want to humiliate my self for being too loud, this was a real challenge for me, even though I'd like to think myself as intermediate in servitude and receiving punishment. I booked for a 2 hour session, and everything I wanted in the session was covered. As I was well behaved not to make too much noise, Goddess rewarded me by shoving her bare foot down my throat. I couldn’t help but note her toes were perfectly painted in a dark red colour which looked amazing against her skin tone, she did mention that her slave husband painted her toes, I hope to buy her some gifts, and hope that she will let me paint her toes.

Bitch Boy Dillip

I have been visiting Goddess Cruella regularly for the last few months, and have recently admitted my desire to be publically humiliated by Goddess. She always enjoys what she is doing and you can tell she has a real passion for dominating us mere slaves. She is gorgeous and overwhelms me every time. When I told Goddess I wanted to be publically humiliated she certainly made sure I was used and abused, as a shoe cleaner, foot stool, and foot masseuse. I am constantly reminded of my humiliation when I go back and see her. She torments me about it, which I love. I am now seriously considering chastity and having her as my keyholder, I’m sure I will go insane with her tease and denial, but it will be worth every second.